Vice President / Founder

UDC was a vision of Clement Daniel who originally born in the island of St Kitts and is the son of a pastor who, not only ministered but did charitable work as well. Clem was part of it as a little boy and saw how helping others in need makes a huge difference in uplifting the human spirit and improving unfortunate circumstances. So with the experience Clem saw from his father charitable work he incorporated that same vision into his product and used that experience he grew up around and made his charitable nonprofit organization. As part of Clem relocation he landed a job at Give Kids the World the largest nonprofit organization in the country if not the world and gain a lot of insightful ideas he implemented into UDC. He gives many thanks from learning from his father and his employee GKTW. So UDC now is ever growing and moving fast in a positive direction to better the livelihood of many in Central Florida and where all can have a nonprofit organization be there for those in need of support services.

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