Creating a System that Works

Rapid Rehousing, Crisis Response, Income Opportunity and Services have been identified as three systems to better the lives of the people in our communities. We take a coordinated approach using one strategic, data driven program that is developing into a community wide response.

Rapid Rehousing

Rapid Re housing (RRH) is a critical tool to help people experiencing homelessness get back into stable housing. This helps people who have been homeless find suitable rental units, pay initial rent and other costs, and connect to services so that they can remain stably housed. We continuously find and recruit landlords willing to rent to those served by our program then match the participants to the appropriate housing.

Crisis Response

Our Crisis Response system is to identify those currently experiencing homelessness especially those that are chronically homeless.

Income Opportunity and Services

We have come to the realization that a housing crisis is often the result of a financial one. A reduction in work hours, a lost job, an illness or an unexpected expense can spiral into an inability to pay rent, an eviction, reliance on a family member for a place to stay, and sometimes, entry into a homeless shelter.

Partnering with companies such as, Work in the Clouds, allows us to provide work immediately and help to stabilize incomes. Our program requires specialized components depending on the population being served. Urban Development Community has identified four components that offer the greatest promise for helping to employ individuals experiencing homelessness:

  • Person-Centered Assessment;
  • Social Support;
  • Work Readiness; and
  • Job Development.