Always Moving Forward

To address homelessness, UDC is taking a to take a coordinated approach, moving from a collection of individual programs to a community-wide response that is strategic, and data driven. UDC takes pride in our programs, under the umbrella: Always Moving Forward.

• Career Matching – Assisting with finding out what out what careers the residents are interested in, is viable. It provides an inclusive team effort; highlights an individual’s interests, skills, abilities and preferred environments; and determines an individual’s capacity, strengths, and work aptitude to match them with suitable jobs.
• Further Education – Training and test preparation skills for those that would like to obtain their GED’s
• Former Inmate Job Connections – While teaming up with G.U.I.N.A.O. Services, we offer resources to help inmates find jobs, including computer labs, job leads, resource libraries, interview prep and vocational assessment.
• Veterans Services – Services to help return our veterans to the workforce. Goodwill offers comprehensive training and services to assist military veterans with disabling conditions, homelessness, or other special needs—helping them return to the workforce and become self-sufficient.
• Supported Employment Services – Services that provide work for individuals with intellectual or physical disabilities. They include individualized job search assistance, customized employment, competitive employment in an integrated environment, job coaching and identification of natural supports, and long-term follow-up.
• ESOL Classes –English for Speakers of Other Languages classes focus on proper language skills and grammar for the workplace.
• Youth Program – Youth in the ages of 14 through 18 develop solid study habits, complete a curriculum program, and guidance in preparing for their first job.

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