Showers for the Homeless

Oftentimes, when we think of the homeless population, shelter and food are the most urgent needs to come to mind, but we know that a lack of access to basic hygiene practices – like the ability to take a shower – can have an immense impact on a person.

In fact, experts recognize that this lack of access to showers can directly compromise the sense of dignity of a person living on the streets, limiting their ability to feel part of a community and playing a pivotal role in being ignored or even rejected by society.

A shower can help people feel like themselves again, can restore dignity, renew confidence, and empower people living on the streets to engage with their communities and seek the services and care they deserve.

Homelessness is a complex issue, one that requires investments in prevention, housing and re-integration, along with resiliency services. Showers won’t solve homelessness, but they can be a first step toward restoring hope, dignity and a sense of possibility.

We are partnering up with S.A.L.T Outreach for their Showers for the Homeless event every second sunday monthly at the SDA church in orlando Florida. Please RSVP here:

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